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Antique Vintage Solid Brass No 590 Lufkin USA Plumb Bob 16.5cm
Antique Vintage Solid Brass Pointed Bottom Plumb Bob Cone Shape 10cm
Antique Vintage Solid Brass Pointed Bottom Plumb Bob D Daves 10cm
Large Antique American Russell & Erwin Brass & Cast Iron Shop Store Counter Bell
Large Antique French Copper Water Heater Designer Household Garden Display 62cm
Antique Australian Cast Iron Shoe Maker Cobblers Anvil Last 20cm Doorstop
Antique Vintage North African Bronze Hanging Incence Clove Burner Holder
Antique Vintage Solid Bronze Front Door Knocker 23cm
Antique Vintage Australian 1920s Metters Early Kooka Oven Door Display Panel
Antique English 19th Century Graduating Set of Solid Brass Imperial Weights
Large Vintage Solid Brass Ship Nautical Home Collector Man Cave Bell 26cm
Antique Vintage Danish Copper Relief Fruit Decorated Display Wall Plate 31cm
Antique Danish Arts & Crafts Copper Wall Plaque Candlestick Holder Pair 30cm
Antique Stromblad of Goteborg Copper Arts & Crafts Swedish Ink Blotter Desk Set
Vintage Pressed English Horse & Hound Hunting Scene Copper Fireplace Screen
Antique Vintage Australian Farmers Cast Iron & Bronze Branding Iron JL 70cm
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