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Antique American Enameled Cast Iron & Brass Dayton IBM Shop Butcher Scales
Antique Vintage English W & T Avery Cast Iron Scales with Graduating Weights
Antique American Columbia Family 24lb Metal Kitchen Scale Landers Frary & Clark
Rare Large Antique English Brass & Iron Salter 30lb Spring Balance Scale 42cm
Antique English 19th Century Cast Iron 200lb Brass Faced Salter Spring Scale
Retro Vintage 1950's West German Jupiter 5000 Hanging Kitchen Collector's Scale
Antique British Made 20lbs Hughes Family Scales Great Rustic Display Working
Vintage Retro Australian Red 16oz Persinware Kitchen Cook’s Spring Scale
Collection of 4 Vintage Stone Shaped Cast Iron Weights 2lb & 3lb Size
Vintage English WWII Military Brass & Iron Salter 30lb Spring Balance Scales
Vintage German Made Krups 25lb Kitchen Spring Scales
Early Vintage German Brass & Steel 3kg Pocket Parcel Spring Scale
Large Antique Vintage English Salter Cast Iron & Brass 50lb Infant Scale Basket
Early Vintage Swiss Made Syro Metal German & Belgium Post Office Letter Scales
Antique Vintage Brass & Oak Set of Postal Letter Imperial Scales
Rare Large Antique English Salter Itinerate Trade 20lb Spring Scale No.60T 54cm
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