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Vintage Quality Leather Baton Stick Display Man Cave 36cm
Antique English Henry Potter & Co London Brass & Copper Military Bugle
Large Impressive Antique c1915 WWI 4.5 IN Howitzer Brass Shell Trench Art Plane
Antique Cedar & Brass Houghton Ltd London c1911 Military WWI Period Tripod 120cm
Vintage Australian Brass Military Trench Art Mortar Shell Airplane Ashtray
Antique c1917 WWI Military Brass Armament Empty Shell Canister & Serviette Rings
Antique Vintage Brass Australian Military Army Tobacco Jerky Canteen
Vintage Scratch Built Craft Timber Miniature Scale Model Military Tank ‘Victory’
Set of 3 Rare Military WWII c1945 Signal Double Star Flare Tins (Empty)
Vintage Australian Made PMG Telephones Metal First Aid Cabinet
Vintage Australian c1968 Vietnam War Era 4.5in Calibre Mortar Trench Art Bowl
Vintage c1955 Australian Military Field Watertight Food Carrier
Australian RAAF Peaked Cap & Badge Size 57 Mountcastle
Vintage 1960's New Zealand Cadet Corp Peaked Cap Militaria Collectors
Vintage Australian Air League Pilots Peak Cap Aviation Collector Display
Canadian WM Scully Leather Brass Police Accoutrement Pistol Waist Belt 40
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