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Vintage European 1940’s Quality Child’s Carpenter Tool Collectors Set
Antique American Aladdin Industries Metal Carry Lunch Tool Box
Antique Vintage c1920’s German Made Solingen Steel Barber’s Home Straight Razor
Good Quality Vintage English Sheffield Butcher Chef Sharpening Steel 44cm
Vintage Large Precision Instrument Co Steel Hand Wound Surveyors Engineer Rule
Vintage Steel Hand Wound 40 Metre Surveyors Engineer Rule
Antique Vintage Australian Newfound Hammered Metal Grocer Store Paper Dispenser
Vintage Sharp pocket computer PC-E500S in Hand Crafted Leather Case
Vintage Sharp pocket computer pc-1350 in Hand Crafted Leather Case
Antique Vintage Australian 1920’s Timber Draughtsman Engineer T-Square
Large 12” Antique German Steel Beckmann Tailor’s Scissors Brass Hinge
Antique Vintage Pharmacists Heavy Brass Mortise with Ceramic Pestle
Rare Small Antique Early Hand Made Timber & Iron Wheel Barrow 82cm
Large Antique Australian Blacksmith Hand Made Kangaroo Brand Horse Hames
Vintage Timber Boxwood 36 Inch Sybren Carpenter Builders Folding Rule
Vintage American Starrett Co Hand Retractable Tape Measure
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